I really wish you'd post more /:

Once my laptop gets.fixed i will, i promise

I'm so glad I never followed your blog, because you never, ever update.

I will be uploading soon… please don’t be rude

Coming back any time soon?

Yes, sooner then you think (:

New blog of the month poll coming soon…

I’ll start posting when I get my laptop working again, you guys can submit anything and when my laptop is fixed I will post them :)

Hey I’m the new admin to this blog. My name is Veonaca, If you want to know anything just ask me

So sorry this blog was innactive, we had some problems with a password. This is my last post as the original admin, thanks to everyone for the support you showed to this blog! I wish the new admin the best of luck with this awesome blog! :) -T
Are you posting any time soon or is this blog just done...

in the next few days a new admin will start posting!

Contemporary-dance-blog you have one day to get in contact with me or the blog goes to the other person.
So, I totally respect all forms of dance, and I understand people who do Irish dancing are just as important as tappers, ballet dancers or hip hoppers, but when is the old blog coming back ? I noticed a few months ago it was Irish dance, so I let it go, but now it doesn't make sense to still follow. Have you converted it to just Irish dance? Can you have a regular dance blog and post about everything? Please get back and let us fellow no Irish dancers know what the deal is? Thank you :)

hi. i just kept it irish august and sept because in august i didnt get to post that much. i can not keep the blog so i am dgiving it away. and it will be an all around dance blog from now on :)

The poll is over! New admin is contemporary-dance-blog with 85% of the votes!!! So you have to message me in the next 24 hrs so we can work this out.
You have 24 hrs to get your votes guuys. Good luck.

Vote for either

Blog Giveaway!

Dance Blog
Over 2,700 followers

I will choose 2 people and then create a poll and they will have 2 days to get as many votes as they can.

New admin will have to:
Be active
Not change the URL
Be nice and answer all questions

Like this post if you are interested.

Giving the blog away! Message me and Ill pick someone!